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We work today with more than 10 corporate clients and startups among them :
- a major international shipowner for strategy missions with the Board of Directors
- a global leader in engineering consulting and R&D services for a strategy mission with the Board of Directors
- an international energy company on its hydrogen strategy + hydrogen offtake contract with a major global gas company
- a regional player specialized in industrial refrigeration on the implementation of a key account management strategy
- a hydrogen mobility start-up specialized in aquatic transportation
- a leading regional oil and gas company on a strategic support for the launch of its activity in a Middle Eastern country 

Below a quick overview of some projects we have carried out over the last few years along the 4 verticals described in our service offer. We will be delighted to tell you more about these projects as well as many others during an introductory meeting.

Energy Transition 











Design of a Solar Powered Green Carbon Dioxide Plant


Our founding partner has scoped out an innovative project to capture carbon dioxide from a refinery raw gas, then purify and liquify it into food grade product for the beverage and water desalination industries.


The carbon dioxide plant is powered by solar energy making the overall Carbon Capture & Utilization solution genuinely green and replicable.


The plant allows to remove 75,000 metric tons per year of CO2 from the atmosphere using 2,000 MWh of solar power annually. 




Design and Installation of a Hydrogen Refueling Station


In collaboration with an international car manufacturer and its local distributor in the United Arab Emirates one of our partners has developed and installed the first Hydrogen Refueling Station of the greater Africa and the Middle East region.


This state-of-the-art very high pressure station was fabricated and assembled in the UAE under our supervision allowing a safe refueling of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles in just a few minutes.

The HRS allowed proving the viability of the hydrogen for mobility economy in oil-rich Middle-East.

Operational Excellence









Creation of a comprehensive, bottom-up salesforce effectiveness program


The program covers nearly all sales cycles’ dimensions, from needs identification, value proposition, business planning, to standard contract templates, sales training modules, CRM at the other end of the spectrum.


The program was designed from scratch and has rapidly become a reference in Middle-East and India.


The program is currently used by nearly 170 salespeople in 8 countries and received a customer experience award in the New Product category.

Mobile App for B2B Sales


We have scoped out the project and defined the specifications of a mobile application to help industrial customers purchase and reorder consumables within a few clicks.


The App allows creating an account, ordering, paying, tracking the order and posting requests and claims.

The solution has helped grow the revenues by 10% for a marginal development cost, but more importantly, it allowed capturing small customers that were otherwise going to distributors and resellers.

Industrial Strategies











Industrial Revamping and New Product Launch


We have helped a loss making manufacturer in the UAE, shutdown and decommission the industrial assets of one of its 3 production sites and redistribute them over the remaining 2.


The project helped the company reduce its fixed cost structure by 30% year-on-year.

We helped repurpose existing production assets to manufacture a new product, allowing an increase of 13% in sales and of 25% in EBITDA in just 3 years.









Deployment of a Business Unit dedicated to Specialty Gases


Leveraging on the existing industrial backbone, we have carved out production, supply chain assets and human resources to form a vertically integrated specialty gases business unit (SBU).

The SBU designs equipment and installations for laboratories and delivers ISO17025 compliant products gases to a wide range of customers in the Middle East.


The project payback time was very short by industry standards and the return on investment was almost double the expectation.

Program & Change Management









Monitoring of the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and cost reduction program


In a printing group facing productivity losses and  variable costs rising, the project aimed at monitoring the OEE and the paper waste on multiple units of production.


The project consisted in setting up a series of productivity management indicators using simplified tools enabling each worker to record his working time and production. 

After 6 months, the OEE increased by 10% and the paper waste decreased by 15% thanks to all stakeholders' accountability through the use of those simplified tools.

Yield Management and Production Optimization


This project consisted in identifying and quantifying product leaks in a chemical unit operation plant and develop a closed loop monitoring system to track and control losses.

We have design dashboards, analyzed data and identified process levers to reduce product losses and increase the plant loading by reorganizing production shifts and schedules.

As a result, the plant reduced its fixed cost by 17% and was able to increase the throughput by 8%. The project improved the EBITDA margin by 350 bps and 0 capital investment.

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